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Modular Personal Electric Transporter (MoPET)

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There are about 8 Billion people on the planet. If we assume 60% of them travel only 1 hour a day that equals about 550.000 Years of traveling on a single day. (8 bl * 0.6 / 24 / 365)

We suppose the population travels far more than that on a single day.

If 1/4th of this is made by an average car that consumes average 6 liters / 100 Km (2,5 gallons / 100 miles) than we get 7,2 billion liters (cca 2 billion gallons) of petrol consumption every single DAY. If we calculate 2 Kg CO2 emission per liter of petrol as average (Petrol, Diesel, LPG) we get 14.4 million tons (2.2 billion stones) of CO2 emission daily.

If we can reduce the traveling time and the wasted consumption only by 10% it results a HUGE impact in our lives, and we can live in a smarter environment.

Hopefully we can reduce it much more.

Please take a few minutes to complete all questions regarding your "Traveling Behavior" and your opinion on Personal Electric Transporter (PET's) to help us create the best PET that you will buy and use in the near future.

Thank you in advance.


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